The Godfather

Well, the main thing you need to know about the godfather is that it’s about the only one you need watch. The other two are alright well, one of them is okay we see some, sad stuff, but hey when Al Pacino’s in charge of the biggest mafia family in NY and Las Vegas the bodies will eventually start to pile up. It is possibly one of my favourite movies of all time (even though Michael goes ahead and marries a woman he doesn’t love).


Go the Ravens

I would just like to say congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens, Super Bowl XLVII WINNERS great game. Congrats Flacco on MVP, and as Ray Lewis said
“when God is on your side, who can be against ya”. A great end to a great football career.

The Water-Phobic Penguin

I have recently read something in the news paper about a Water-Phobic Penguin called Morgan. I, personally think that there are some strange but good reasons that this penguin refuses to swim.

1. Its very cowardly and has never learnt to swim .

2. Its had the awkward experience of having something attack it while at sea.

3. Its trying to get attention from scientists just for the glory of being on the front page.

4.Or of course, they just haven’t let him have a chance to swim.

39 Clues Book 1 The Maze Of Bones

I would like to talk about a book series called the 39 Clues. It is about two people, Amy and Dan Cahill. It starts when Amy and Dan’s grandmother dies and in her will, offers them $1,000,000 or a clue.

Their snooty aunt who looks after the two orphans says no [not much of a surprise] however Amy and Dan accept the challenge and are taken by their fun-loving, thrill-seeking au pair to France.

However they are not the only ones in the competition – they have the rich influential cousins Ian and Natailie Kabra, the Genius uncle who is always criss-crossing sides, their not overly bright, but strong cousins the Holts, the pop star Jonah Wizard and the ruthless KGB assassin Irina Spasky.

It isn’t easy escaping catacombs, poison darts and not dying of boredom in muesems but they seem to manage.   In short, a bloody good read.  I’m up to Book 11 in the series.


Heres something new from all the sci-fi stuff, a child’s game that I play called Poptropica made by Jeff Kinney better known as the creator of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. On Poptropica there are many islands the oldest being early Poptropica the store in Poptropica can be very annoying because of the huge costs and not knowing what it can do. However it is a great childs game and I highly recommend it.