World War Z.

A couple of weeks ago my mum and I were flicking through the pay-per-view movie channels, just as I thought all was lost, we happened upon “World War Z”. I was excited for two reasons, one being my best friend had told me it was the best movie ever and also because the book was pretty brilliant. However, the next two hours were filled with pain, regret and the screaming of the words, “WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE FAMILY???” Even though it featured two extremely talented actors, (Brad Pitt and Peter Capaldi), it was still enough to make me want to rip my eyes out and watch my dog eat them. But hey, at least it’s not the last airbender movie.


The Book Thief.

Today my Mother, Grandma and I went to watch “The Book Thief”. I have to say it was a job extremely well executed. Personally I found that the beauty was in the way it portrayed the German people, not these horrible things that’s only intention was to destroy (though that was not the same for the Nazi forces), it actually portrayed the public as people with families, and children who wanted more than to just die for the fuhrer on the fields of battle. Mix that with incredible acting by Geoffery Rush and Sophie Nelisse, (as well as every single other character), and what you have my friend is a well written, scripted and acted movie which can appeal to someone who hates the typical WWII movie.

Hide-Doctor Who post 7

Hallelujah, it appears that the series 7 savior has come! Though quite skeptical at the start of the episode, (due to the fact that all of the past episodes were not worth watching) by the end of the episode I was satisfied to know that it’s probably going to get better. The episode itself reminded me of the weeping angels in New York, but only a little bit, no this episode was its own in many ways. An alien explanation of telepathy, freaky alien-wood-skull things and two sappy love stories that are the only down sides to the episode.

Cold war-Doctor Who post #6

This episode is another disappointment, a soviet sub where everyone on board talks with an English accent (though they are Russian). Another thing, just while I’m focusing on the things that shouldn’t be possible, why does the TARDIS translation matrix make the Soviets mouths move differently? The episode itself felt like a bad Alien movie, a bad guy stealthily moving and picking off humans one-by-one on the craft which there is no escape from.  Skaldak (the Martian who’s fingers should be too big for his suit) has a different skin tone on his face then on his hands so does that mean he has and his helmet off and the rest of his suit on for quite a while. However I am looking forward to watching “Hide”. Hopefully that will win me over… but if not Matt Smith, well you better watch out.

The rings of Ahkaten-Doctor Who post #5

I was hoping, after last week’s post, that I would not ever have to comment negatively on Doctor Who again. Sadly, The rings of Ahkaten (the latest episode) was slightly less painful then having my intestine removed by a three year-old with Parkinsons carrying a plastic fork.

One of the things I found particularly annoying was the classic Matt Smith hardcore “you can’t win” speech, and the small girl with very little differences to a human (funny face marks), singing a song that calms a great and strong god.

Still holding out though because I really want to see the cybermen (and some good special effects for a change). So yes, quite a horrible two episodes to start off with, but hey you never know, by the end of the series it might get better, and if it doesn’t, then we have lost a great show. Not going to write DW’s obituary just yet, but he’s off to a bad start.


I have recently read the graphic novel Maus, the story of a Jewish man called Vladek Spiegelman and his wife Anja during the holocaust. What makes this interesting is the fact that there are no humans in this book, technically, you see to show what it was like Art Spiegelman (son of Vladek and Anja) portrays the Nazis as cats and the Jews as Mice. It tells of thier struggles, lots of their family killed (including their son), having to move around constantly because the Poles (portrayed as pigs), will not just hide them for free. The book also tells the story of Vladek talking to his son about how unhappy he is in his new marriage (Anja commited suicide).Image

Spoonheads-Doctor Who post #4

Well, what an episode we have had. A new enemy for the Doctor, an episode where Clara Oswin Oswald doesn’t die and a motor bike that can drive up walls. Yes, it almost makes up for the fact that it is a horrible episode with annoying villains and stupid plot. Perhaps the reason I don’t like this is that I am just fine with the current villains: Cybermen, Daleks, etc. Sometimes you ask yourself why they do it, I mean the main bad guy you see at the end looks like something that would be high-tech in 1990 but not the 21st century. I was hoping it to be that the Cybermen were behind it, to be honest because they haven’t been on the show for quite a while, and at the end of the day all that anyone wants is to hear a used-to-be human say “DELETE” in a monotonous tone. Overly, I feel that what could have been a great starting point to what I hope will be a great series, was somewhat lacking in the pizzazz that we watch Doctor Who to see.