The rings of Ahkaten-Doctor Who post #5

I was hoping, after last week’s post, that I would not ever have to comment negatively on Doctor Who again. Sadly, The rings of Ahkaten (the latest episode) was slightly less painful then having my intestine removed by a three year-old with Parkinsons carrying a plastic fork.

One of the things I found particularly annoying was the classic Matt Smith hardcore “you can’t win” speech, and the small girl with very little differences to a human (funny face marks), singing a song that calms a great and strong god.

Still holding out though because I really want to see the cybermen (and some good special effects for a change). So yes, quite a horrible two episodes to start off with, but hey you never know, by the end of the series it might get better, and if it doesn’t, then we have lost a great show. Not going to write DW’s obituary just yet, but he’s off to a bad start.


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  1. A very humorous take on the episode 😉 I thought much the same, though I’d have to give credit to Smith’s monologue – that blew me away. Lets hope you never get round to writing DW’s obituary. I will read it though if you do.

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