Spoonheads-Doctor Who post #4

Well, what an episode we have had. A new enemy for the Doctor, an episode where Clara Oswin Oswald doesn’t die and a motor bike that can drive up walls. Yes, it almost makes up for the fact that it is a horrible episode with annoying villains and stupid plot. Perhaps the reason I don’t like this is that I am just fine with the current villains: Cybermen, Daleks, etc. Sometimes you ask yourself why they do it, I mean the main bad guy you see at the end looks like something that would be high-tech in 1990 but not the 21st century. I was hoping it to be that the Cybermen were behind it, to be honest because they haven’t been on the show for quite a while, and at the end of the day all that anyone wants is to hear a used-to-be human say “DELETE” in a monotonous tone. Overly, I feel that what could have been a great starting point to what I hope will be a great series, was somewhat lacking in the pizzazz that we watch Doctor Who to see.


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